3D Maze

3D Maze

NEW: Start-up modules as in the mini sumo will be needed for the 2017 Competition.  

I. Rules of the Competition
3D Maze is a discipline in which an autonomous robot tries to get out of a labyrinth. The labyrinth is made of blocks with multiple intersections, but only one entrance and exit. The winner is the one, which has managed to find the exit and get out of the maze in the shortest time.

The robots have three consecutive attempts and the result is the shortest of all the times

If the robot can not find the exit in 5 minutes, the attempt is counted as a failure.

1. Victory
The winner is the robot with the shortest time.

2. Disqualification
The robot will be disqualified for the following technical reasons:

  • If it sets itself on fire.
  • If it does not run more than 30 seconds, or at the discretion of the judge
  • If after attending the robot has left on the field liquids, innards or other items and materials.
  • If it does not cover the technical requirements set forth in the regulation.

3. Replay
The round can be replayed on judicial discretion:

  • If the track is dirty or interference happens during the tour.

4. Defeat
The robots, which have not finished are ranked in the last place in an alphabetical order.

II. Technical requirements for the robots

1. Proportions
The robot must have a maximum size of 15.00 cm width and 15.00 cm length. The maximum height of the robot must be 20.00 cm.

2. Weight
No restrictions on the weight of the robot.

3. Vision
The team can put in a prominent place the national flag and the logo of the organization for which the robot competes. The robot must not collapse during the race. The robot must withstand the entire circumference of the track without any outside help.

III. Requirements for the field

1. Timing
The time is measured with an automated system, at the moment in which the robot pass through the start line.

2. Proportions and colors
The walls of the maze will be made of Aerated Concrete 60/25 and 5 cm thick in white color. The distance between them is 25cm.

The route will be determined on site during the event.


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