Mini Sumo

SumoRingI. Rules
Mini Sumo is a discipline which includes two autonomous robots. They are placed on the mat, which is a black circle with a white line that robots can easily recognize. The goal of each robot is to push your opponent off the mat and remain last on the field. The robot must start moving in a start signal received by the judge by infrared starter module. (see. III. 2. – Start-up Module )

1. Victory
The winner is the robot that in two of the last three rounds remain on the mat.

2. Disqualification
The robot will be disqualified if it violates the principles of fair play:

  • Firing, bay or trying to otherwise destroy or confuse the opponent robot by moving away from its main purpose to push it off the pitch.
  • Trying to damage the pitch or make it unfit for his opponent, thus moving away from its main purpose to push your opponent.

The robot is disqualified for technical reasons:

  • If you are on fire.
  • Does not move more than 30 seconds, or at the discretion of the judge.
  • If after attending the robot has left the field, liquids, or other innards pieces and materials.
  • If you do not cover the technical requirements described below in the regulation.

3. Replay:
The round can be replayed on judicial discretion:

  • If there is no pronounced winner in the fall of both the robot from the mat.
  • If robots do not encounter or encounters do not result in expulsion from the ring for the maximum time of the round (3 minutes).

4. Defeat
Defeated robot is the one, which first goes out on the mat, touching the floor with any part of yourself. 

5. Blind Robot
To avoid fighting a “blind” robots, they should be able to push the box placed the ring in less than 3 minutes, and to respect the white line and not fall off the pitch./span>

II. Technical requirements for robots

1. Dimensions
The robot must have a maximum size of 10 cm width 10 cm length. No restrictions on height. 

2 Weight
The weight of the robot is to have 500 grams. Not allow use of weight-reducing devices.

3 “Sticky Wheels”
It is forbidden to use the design of the robot glue, sticky wheels and other passive means strengthening his grip with the surface of the ring.

4 Vision
The team may be placed in a prominent place the national flag and the logo of the organization for which competes robot. The robot must not fall apart during the race. The robot must withstand a collision with other robots.

III. Requirements for field 

1 Dimensions and colors
Outer diameter of the mat – 77 cm (includes white line). Black color.
Width of the outer line = 2.5 cm. White in color.
Distance between the starting line = 10 cm.

2 Start-up Module
The figure below illustrates the operating modes of the module. To be less sensitive to noise and distortion module will retain the last state and reset will return to him. This means that every game will be completed by sending a Stop command from the judge.


Start, Stop, Resume, End a Match

When called by the referee, the teams come and put robots on the pitch. Field is divided into four squares, such robots are placed in two opposite square, as shown in the figure. Before the start judge removes cross, which divides the field. After placing their robots I can not be moved.



Each round begins with the start command (Start), which the judge sent with IR Remote (RC-5 Philips protocol). As soon as they command the robots have to start the fight, ie no 5 seconds or any other delay. Each participant can develop a receiver or to purchase one of the organizers. Also, the robots must be a LED, which indicates the condition. These rules are fully compatible with Robotchallenge rules Mini Sumo, while divergence international rules prevail. Start command button 1 and the Stop command button 2 on the remote.


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