Vendor: Microsoft
Exam Code: MB6-704
Exam Name: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 CU8 Development Introduction
Version: Demo

You need to write X++ code that is common to both the Microsoft MB6-704 dumps CustTable table and the Vend Table ta- ble. The solution must minimize the duplication of code.
What should you do?
A. Modify CustTable to add all of the fields in Vend Table. Write X* + code that uses Cust- Table.
B. Create a view that includes the fields in both CustTable and Vend Table. Write X+ + code that uses the view.
C. Create a table that extends from CustTable and Vend Table. Write X+ + code that uses the new table.
D. Create a map that links CustTable and Vend Table. Write X++ code that uses the map.
Correct Answer: D Explanation


A map can unify the access to similar columns and methods that are present in multiple tables. You associate a map field with a field in one or more tables. This enables you to use the same field name to access fields with different names in different tables. Methods on maps enable you to create or modify methods that act on the table fields that the map references.
The benefits of maps include:
* Code reuse – a map method enables you to add code that runs against the map fields. A single map method prevents the MB6-704 duplication of methods and code on each table.
* Simplicity – maps provide a single interface to fields in multiple tables. This means that any object referencing the map field can be used against multiple tables without changing any field names.
* Consistency – table fields with varying names can be accessed in code in a consistent manner. For example by using a map, fields named Zip in one table, ZipCode in another, and PostalCode in yet another table can all be accessed by the name ZipCode.

You plan to create a Fact Box based on a query that queries a table.
You need to MB6-704 pdf ensure that all of the fields in the table are available to the Fact Box. What should you do?
A. From the Fields node of the form s data sources, set the Dynamic property to Unselected
B. From the Fields node of the table, set the Dynamic property to Yes.
C. From the Fields node of the query’s data sources, set the Dynamic property to Yes.
D. From the Fields node of the table, set the Dynamic property to Unselected.
Correct Answer: B Explanation

The Fields node contains the data elements returned by the table, map, or view. If you set the Fields node Dynamic property to Yes, all the MB6-704 fields in the data source are returned. If you set the Dynamic property to No, you can right-click a field and select Delete to remove it from the data source.

You need to MB6-704 provide users with the ability to open a Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) report from a form.
What should you use?
A. A data source
B. A form part
C. An output menu item
D. A display method
Correct Answer: B

Use the report servers form to connect a Microsoft Dynamics AX Application Object Server (AOS) instance to a Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services instance.
Note: In Microsoft Dynamics AX, navigation to MB6-704 forms and reports is organized into modules. A module is a collection of forms, and reports that you use for a specified business activity.

You develop a Microsoft SQL Server Repotting Services (SSRS) report for a customer.
You need to ensure that the MB6-704 vce report is available in Dynamics AX.
Where should you save the report?
A. The Dynamics AX model store
B. The SSRS server
C. The Application Object Server (AOS)
D. The Dynamics AX clients
Correct Answer: B

Which three statements accurately describe views in Dynamics AX? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.
A. A view can be created from a query.
B. You can update a view by using the Table Browser.
C. Views can be used to display a subset of the data from the source tables.
D. The data for the view is refreshed periodically by using a batch job.
E. The definition of the view is stored in the database when the view is synchronized.
Correct Answer: AC

A: A view uses a query to retrieve data fields from one or more database tables.
C: A view enables you to MB6-704 retrieve and return only the data that is relevant for a particular user or scenario. A view can improve performance by returning only relevant fields to the user.
E: When you create a view, the view definition is generated and stored in the database. When that view is accessed, the view dynamically retrieves the data that satisfies the view definition.

You have a table that contains invoices.
You need to create a Fact Box that displays the MB6-704 exam number of invoices in the table. Which type of Fact Box should you use?
A. form part
B. cue group
C. cue
D. info part
Correct Answer: D Explanation

* Info part:
part that shows a collection of data fields from a specified query. An info part uses metadata to describe
how the data appears. As a result, you can use an info part in both the client and EP.
* FactBox type: Fields and values Info part or form part A FactBox that shows a list of field names and values. The value can include a link that opens the record in a form.
Not A: Form Part A part that represents a pointer to a form. You use a form part when you want a form to appear in the MB6-704 FactBox pane, enhanced preview, or preview pane.
Not B: cue group A part that includes reference to one or more cues. You use a cue group to list a collection of query results.
Typically, the list shows summary data that is related to a record or a task.

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