Historical data shows that on average, a server is likely to CompTIA SK0-004 pdf fail once every nine months. A company has purchased 24×7, four hour hardware response to replace a server’s failed hardware. Additionally, the company can restore a server to its operational status within six hours from the time the failed hardware has been replaced. Which of the following describes this scenario?
A. The company’s MTTR is ten hours.
B. Individual servers have 99.999% uptime.
C. Service can be restored within four hours.
D. The operational SLA is six hours.
Answer: A
A server administrator is configuring access control on a file server for an organization. The Human Resources manager is taking a leave of SK0-004 absence for three months, during which time an interim Human Resources manager will take over the duties of the position. Which of the following types of access control should be configured on the file server?
Answer: D

A server administrator is configuring a new server for an organization. The server will function as a firewall and proxy server, as well as provideNAT services for other devices on the SK0-004 network. Which of the following BEST describes how the network hardware on the server should be configured?
A. The server should have at least two NICs: one configured with an IP address on the inside network, and one with an IP address on the outside network.
B. The server should have at least two NICs: each NIC should be configured with an IP address on the same network segment.
C. The server requires only one NIC, as the NIC can be configured with two IP addresses: one for the inside network segment, and one for the outside network segment.
D. The server requires at least three NICs: one configured with an IP address for the intranet clients, one with an IP address on the inside network, and one with an IP address on the outside network.
Answer: A

Users in the accounting department report that they are unable to access a shared network drive used by all departments. Upon SK0-004 troubleshooting, a technician determines that three users in the marketing department, two in sales, five in human resources, and ten in IT are all successfully accessing the shared network drive. Which of the following is MOST likely causing the issue?
A. Corrupt user profiles
B. Incorrect NTFS group permissions
C. The share is unsecured
D. Excessive page filing on server
Answer: B

A technician receives an error messagewhentrying to boot the SK0-004 server stating the operating system was not found. Change management logs indicateanew hard drive backplane was installed in the server last night. Which of the following should the technician do FIRST when troubleshooting the issue?
A. Check system board cables
B. Rebuild RAID array
C. Reinstall server OS
D. Remove newly installed hardware
Answer: A

Which of the SK0-004 following is a benefit of utilizing a type 2 hypervisor to manage guests?
A. The administration of the guest OS is significantly less complex.
B. There is reduced resource overhead since there is no OS layer.
C. A type 2 hypervisor offers increased performance over a type 1 hypervisor.
D. There is increased hardware support since there is an OS layer.
Answer: D

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